Karate in Karori

We are a family friendly Karate Club where adults and children train together. You will often find parents training with their children instead of palming them off to a sport club, they join in. Sometimes the parents outlast the children. You are never too old to start. 

Yes we bow a lot and we shout a lot. 

We repeat things again and again, and at the end, we do it one more time.

Well really we do the same things a lot. Because when you do it a lot you get better at it. We move, we jump, we kick, we punch, and toss our bodies around in the most extraordinary ways. There is nothing better than a really good session when you think of nothing else except for where you are right then and there. No work worries, no School, nothing else except the present. What a gift that is.

Our Style
Kyokushin is one of the tougher forms of Japanese karate. We place an emphasis on fitness and strength. You will find through training that you gain a natural aerobic and bodyweight strength and fitness.

In early days our style was very tough, the tournaments still can be. But in our everyday training its important to respect and look after each other. We also want to prevent injuries to be able to keep up our practice.

Take your life to the next step
learn karate in Karori
Open classes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm