Business & Career Coaching

Ana Hetem

As your coach I am responsible for guiding you when you are finding challenges in your life. I support you through helping you set postive goals, guiding you through personal growth, and when necessary helping modifying your behaviour so you can can take control of your life and feel happy again.

Averill Maher

Averil works with traditional and non-traditional business owners to effect extraordinary transformation in their business. With many business owners working too many hours for too little return Averil not only works to increase productivity and profit in the business, but also with the owner themselves.

Kevin Heppleston

Kevin is an internationally recognised Award Winning Business Growth Strategist, Business Coach and Executive Coach, who has taken numerous business owners to multi-million dollar turnovers (and multi-million dollar net personal assets), assisted Clients to run more effective businesses, increase their revenue and profit, purchase businesses, exit businesses, systemise businesses, develop high-performing teams and, most importantly, obtain work-life balance.

Tony Cutting (Coach) - Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Hutt Valley, Mana.

As a coach I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. I work well with both individuals and with teams i.e. Team Building.

Tony Yuile (Life and Performance Coach) - Wellington, Hutt Valley.

I am a certified life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. I’m passionate about using solution focused coaching to help people unlock their potential, achieve their goals and dreams, and overcome problems and obstacles that stop them from performing at their best, living happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.